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About The Client

Web Development: paypal-api, mysql, css, html, php

Client’s Requirement:

Client was looking for a web application platform that will allow anyone, looking for SEO service, to quickly add their keywords, check competition based on various criteria like domain authority, competition, current ranking position, pagerank etc. and based on that, pay the client for the SEO service.

The following were the key functionalities implemented:

1) Integration with WebSEOAnalytics API, SEMRush API to compute keyword competition and hence the cost & AuthorityLabs API to check current ranking of the keyword and update it weekly for keyword ranking reports.

3) Paypal payment gateway integration.

4) Paypal Advanced API integration for the subscription based model on

5) Manager Panel to manage client’s campaign, update reports, add notes etc.

6) User Panel to create campaign, add new keywords, track status, view ranking reports etc.

Project Success Overview:

a) More signups to SEO service.

b) Easy to manage SEO clients.

c) No need to update the client on phone or via email.

Launch Site

Services Provided

  • HTML and CSS
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • API Intergration
  • Paypal Integration

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