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About The Client

On this cheerful opening opportunity  of World Environment Day, our organisation is taking initiative to not just spread awareness  but also to adapt clean, tidy, hygienic and unstained surrounding.

What is YES GREEN?
We believe that, people who don’t think it’s a big deal to toss a plastic bottle in the garbage are not only being irresponsible, but are also being disrespectful of all the other humans on earth and so on this occasion of ‘The World Environment Day ‘, Enhance Ventures & Consultants Pvt. Ltd establishes ‘The ‘ YES Green’ campaign. This event is powered by Epic Events which is a division of Enhance Ventures & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.  We believe that ‘YES Green’ is one such initiative that can be adapted by all Indians.
As being a citizen of India, we should take efforts to protect our habitat from hazardous elements for this purpose ‘Yes Green’ camping is being planned by our team.

The chemicals contained in plastics can be quite harmful. But given that “plastic” can mean a wide variety of substances, it’s difficult to know which ones are bad for us. Here’s everything you need to know about plastic and an impact on your health.

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